Uncover the Secret to Winning Chicken Bangkok S128 Cockfighting

Uncover the Secret to Winning Chicken Bangkok S128 Cockfighting

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For those who like fighting cocks, especially Bangkok chickens, the deadly Bangkok chicken fighting techniques are always a warm conversation. One technique that is feared in the cockfighting arena is the unloading technique. This technique is generally only mastered by the original Bangkok chicken and usually leads to more innate techniques.

However, it is not impossible for other fighting cocks to be trained in this unloading technique. Let’s get to know the technique of unloading Bangkok chicken which is also often known as swinging and unloading.
Best unloading stance Bangkok chicken

The unloading technique is a technique that is executed aimed at the opponent’s wing. This movement also functions to create a gap or blind side of the opponent so that he is unable to read your Bangkok chicken attacks. According to the old botoh, this technique is a must-have technique for a champion Bangkok chicken.

For beginners in the world of cockfighting, it is very important to know that the unloading technique is an innate technique that does not need to be taught anymore. However, if by chance your Bangkok chicken doesn’t master this technique, there is a very easy way to train it. Best unloading stance Bangkok chicken

It is no secret that Bangkok chicken has a high level of intelligence. Brushing practice with Bangkok chicken unloading techniques will quickly make him master this technique. This technique can be combined with punch strength training and can be used as the ultimate technique to end the fight. The proof, Bangkok chicken is able to mimic new movements and techniques that they have never used before. According to some old botoh, regular exercise 5 times a week will usually pay off at week 4.

This exercise must be supported by providing additional feed, vitamins and supplements. Don’t force practice if your fighting cocks look tired and uninspired, this will cause them to become metal and reluctant to fight.

This is our discussion about getting to know the technique of dismantling a fighting cock. Hopefully this article can provide information that increases your knowledge about the world of cockfighting.

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